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Free World Capitals and Cities Icons Set


All Agente designers are fond of traveling so we decided to design a set of city icons that can be used by all keen travelers or tourist business representatives or by anyone who lives in those beautiful cities.



It was decided to include in the set 10 the most vivid and mesmerizing cities in our opinion. We didn’t focus only on capitals, our main criteria were the presence of a bright visual symbol in a city and its tourist attraction. As a result, our set includes such beautiful cities as New York, Sydney, Rome, Beijing, Paris, Agra, London, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Barcelona. We plan to add more cities to the set if it is interesting to the audience. 

What can be considered as a symbol of traveling? Of course, it is postcards with stamps that we send our friends from distant lands. That is why we decided to create a version of the set where all icons are put on stamps.