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All products sold on GoaShape, are sold under a Standard License that covers all the basic personal and commercial use cases. These license terms are here to make things easy to understand for everyone.

*Installable items, like fonts, add-ons and presets, can be used in unlimited projects and for unlimited sales of end products. Crella Subscription items can be used in an unlimited number of projects.

Need an extended license?

Need to use a product on a Netflix project, in a mobile app, print-on-demand service, as a web font or whatever your needs are, contact us for a custom license. We are happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an end product?

End products are designs that you’ve created using products bought from Crella. They must be significantly different than the original product files themselves. They cannot compete with the original product. End products may not include the original source files or installable items.

What is an end product for sale?

End product for sale is a product that you or your client wants to sell by themselves, on a marketplace or in any distribution channel.

What if a project has multiple end products for sale with the same design?

One project might include multiple end products with the same design. For example, a mug and a pillow. Each product has it’s own 500 sales limit. Installable items, like fonts, add-ons and presets, can be used in unlimited projects and for unlimited sales of end products.

Can I create e-books, online publications and websites for personal use or commercial client projects?

Yes, as long as the purchased file isn’t embedded/included within the project so that end customer can have access to the original file. Flattened/rasterized/vectorized files are fine.

Can I use purchased products to create end products for sale items like mugs, t-shirt, tote bags, etc.?


Am I allowed to create designs for mine or my clients video project (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc.)?

Yes. However, there is a 10,000 views limit for the standard license. If you need broader license, please contact us for custom license.

Am I allowed to embed/include a purchased product within a sellable end product? For example, on a Templett or PDF file that I tend to sell.

No. You’re not allowed to embed/include files that are sold on our website without a permission from the seller of the product.

Can my co-designer use a product I bought

No, if you’ve purchased one standard license. The license is limited to one user. You can buy more licenses by adding a bigger quantity to cart. For example, buy 10 * standard license and 10 team members can use the product.

Can I convert a font into a web font and install it to mine or my clients’ website?

No. Please contact us for a custom license for this purpose.

Can I install a purchased font into a mobile/web application? For example, into an iPhone app or Print-as-Service website.

No. Please contact the seller of the product for a custom license for this purpose.

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